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Makers of Air History

Makers of Air History was a series of one-page articles which appeared throughout Wonders of World Aviation. Here is a complete list of the articles, with links to the relevant issues.

Makers of Air History

  1. The First English Aeronaut
  2. The Father of British Aeronautics
  3. The First British Pilot
  4. The Designer of the Avro
  5. Geoffrey de Havilland
  6. Romance of the Wright Brothers
  7. Originator of Light Aircraft
  8. The Hon. C. S. Rolls
  9. First Aviator to Fly the Channel
  10. Showman Who Turned Aviator
  11. First Man to Study Gliding
  12. James Allan Mollison
  13. An Australian National Hero
  14. Holland’s Famous Designer-Pilot
  15. Ferdinand, Count von Zeppelin
  16. The Inventor of the Box-Kite
  17. A Leader of British Aviation
  18. A Spectacular Record Breaker
  19. Hinkler - The Brilliant Navigator
The Designer of the Avro