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Binding Wonders of World Aviation

From the beginning, the publishers of Wonders of World Aviation made arrangements for “special binding cases” so the complete set of issues could be bound up like a book. This page gives further information about the binding service. The illustration shows an advert from the back page of part 7 illustrating the style of binding available.

The advert states “The Publishers are arranging to provide for subscribers particularly attractive Binding Cases at the very low price of 2/6 each. As there will be two volumes, the first Binding Case (shown here) will be ready with the concluding issue of Volume One. Further details will be announced later.”

“It is important not to let your weekly parts get soiled or creased; take care of them so that your bound volumes may be as perfect as possible.”

The binding cloth was blue, with an embossed design on the front cover, along with the series title and the editor’s name. The lettering on the spine was gilt, including the propeller motif used for this volume.

The illustration shown is for an interim design. Note it lacks the paginations for volume one. Unlike Wonders of World Engineering and Shipping Wonders of the World, this series reverted to a single design for both volumes - as was the case with Railway Wonders of the World.

Binding case for Wonders of World Aviation